What Everyone Is Saying About Mrs Smith’s Cafe

Mrs Smiths Cafe (photo belongs to Mrs Smith’s Cafe)

My Car Broke Down

Yesterday after dropping off some items to a customer I popped to the local shop to get some items.  I got the shopping done quickly, popped into the little charity shop then walked back to the car.  Turned the ignition and nothing!  Nothing at all!  Annoyed was an understatement.  

Luckily I joined the RAC as my car is now getting on a bit and it has cost me a fair bit this year with one thing and another.  I found my membership card and gave them a ring.  Needless to say I knew they wouldn’t be coming to my rescue straightaway and in fact I was told that I had a 2-3 hour wait.  My jaw dropped; it was freezing and there was no way I could sit in my car that long plus I didn’t bring a coat as I thought I would only be nipping in and out of a couple of shops.

Now What?

I sat there messaging my daughter telling her of what had happened.  As I was looking around my eyes settled on the cafe.  I had noticed this cafe a few months back but had never visited it.  Thinking about it now I am not sure why I had never visited it but now I was about to.  So, I walked in and was pleasantly surprised.  I approached the counter and spoke to the lady there (who I now know owns the cafe) she had a smile on her face; and a genuine one I might add – believe me I can spot a fake smile a mile off.  I asked her if it would be possible for me to wait in the cafe until the RAC turned up and she said yes straight away.  The food that I could see looked really good so I sat down and read the menu.

The Menu

I sat down and picked up the menu to have a look.  The first thing I noticed was that it stated that the produce is from local suppliers, bakers, eggs, etc which I thought was fantastic.  I then read that the bread is baked on the premises and oh my god you could tell.

More gorgeous cake (photo belongs to Mrs Smith’s Cafe)

There was a lot to choose from and also they cater for anyone on a slimming world diet etc which is a great idea.  I decided to have a fresh orange juice, a full English breakfast (minus the black pudding).  It consisted of a large sausage, thick bacon rashers, mushrooms, baked beans, fried egg, tinned tomatoes (you have the choice of fresh or tinned) and two thick slices of the most delicious toasted bread.  

Full English Breakfast

The orange juice was really nice and didn’t taste like the cheap stuff you can get sometimes.  The cappuccino was the best I’ve had in a while if I’m honest and I loved the cup it came in.  It felt homely and I loved how all the chairs were different it reminded me of home as a child.  

Things To Do

After polishing off the food which I have to say was bloody gorgeous I started noticing other things around me.  The awards that the cafe had won, items from local crafters, how child-friendly it was, the way customers were treated, the things that were being talked about.  I was starting to be glad that my car had broken down otherwise I wouldn’t have experienced this amazing little cafe.  

Child Play Area (photo belongs to Mrs Smith’s Cafe)

They also have a good selection of board games which is such a great idea and a fantastic children’s area.  When I moved to Harrogate in ’97 one of the things I missed was a sense of community.  I don’t know what it is or was about Harrogate but it just seemed a bit too twee and a bit too full of people full of themselves and trying to keep up with the Jones’s.  Sorry, but it is true.  One thing I have learnt in life is that we are no better than anyone else.  You can’t judge people by how much money they have, what car they drive, where they go on holiday and this little gem of a place blew me away.

The sense of community came across very strongly.  Mrs Smith’s cafe works alongside local small business and provides various activities for the local people.  It doesn’t get better than that; well actually thinking about it, it actually does.  I had the best and I mean the BEST chocolate and raspberry Rudolph cake I have ever eaten and I will be going back for more later in the week.

Chocolate and Raspberry Rudolph Cake (photo belongs to Mrs Smith’s Cafe)

What Type Of Activities?

I can hear you now asking what does she mean by activities?  Well, what I mean is the following:

Bring the family along for a delicious home cooked meal and an evening of board games. We’ve got all your traditional family favourites plus modern games too. We’ve even got co-operative games so you can play as a team to defeat the game – nothing bonds a family like killing a load of zombies together! Suitable for children of all ages even the grown-up ones! You can check out our full selection of games at link Meal choice will change on a monthly basis but will always be family friendly. December’s menu is Christmas Dinner! What else?! Menu will be confirmed on the event page £10 per adult, £5 per child including main course and games

Other things on the agenda:

  • Parent & toddler yoga
  • Elf Workshop
  • Gin tasting evening
  • Family festive Sunday brunch
  • Murder mystery dinners
  • Some of the past events include:
  • Wreath Workshop
  • Christmas creations with Painting Pots
  • Festive pottery painting
  • Family Fridays
  • Plastic-free get-together
  • Firework Feast
  • Fantastic Wizarding World Crafternoon Tea
  • Half Term Family Quiz
  • Halloween Crafty Party
  • Beach Party
  • Lego day

and much more…

Take a Peak

What Everyone Is Saying About Mrs Smith’s Cafe

Just some of the reviews from customers

“The most amazing cuppa I’ve ever had and such lovely, charming hosts”

“Warm, welcoming atmosphere and lovely staff”

‘Tasty breakfasts and area for kids is great nothing else like it in Harrogate x”

“Came the other day for a cake and milkshake with 2 other mummies, we thoroughly enjoyed it, the Pimms strawberry white chocolate cake was delicious! Will definitely be back with my little boy as there was a large play section for him to keep occupied in!”

“I came in for lunch yesterday with my 2 girls aged 1 & 3 and it is the first time I’ve felt relaxed having lunch (on my own) with both of them! GORGEOUS food. We had clean plates all round and my eldest was kept entertained with all the toys. The opposite end of town for us but we will def be back! Thank you! X”

“We’ve just been for brunch with our baby girl who shares a birthday with Mrs Smith’s cafe! We had a fantastic meal and were thoroughly spoilt, thank you so much for our cake and fizz! You have helped make our little girl’s first birthday a wonderful day. X”

“A hidden gem. Lovely homemade food and great value too. Great for kids too. We were so impressed, we asked about hosting our daughter’s birthday party at the cafe. Phillipa and team have been so helpful with party planning – organising and coordinating cupcake decorating and a tea party for the girls. (Although we brought additional crafting activities, Phillipa has contacts with outside party providers for additional activities). There were so many cupcakes we used some for a birthday cake and still enough left over to take home. Also, the most delicious macarons came as part of the package! Thank you again!”

“I have been to Mrs Smiths cafe for the first time today with my little girl aged 2.5 and we loved it! Very relaxing for grown-ups and loads of fun for little ones who can play in the fab play area while you chat to your friends! Fab, very tasty food and amazing cakes! We will definitely be back soon.”

So seriously guys if you are local get your butt over there I promise you will not be disappointed.  

Link to Mrs Smiths Cafe location and Facebook page here.

And finally, a BIG thank you to Mrs Smiths Cafe for looking after me and feeding me yesterday.  

Tracey xXx

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Phillipa Smith
Phillipa Smith

Thanks so much for this Tracey, I’m so pleased we could come to your rescue!