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How To Lose Weight Fast and Safely

I have tried so many diets in my life.  In fact, I have seriously lost count how many times I have joined Weight Watchers and Slimming World, even Rosemary Connelly.  I had lost weight during the first 4 weeks then it would usually end then or I’d go a few more weeks with no loss.  This page is all about the weight loss products that I use.

No More Counting Points, Syns and Calories

I really hated the counting of points, syns, calories etc each time I put something in my mouth.  It was tedious.  Not only that looking back now I was also eating the wrong foods.  I was on my way to being diabetic and even though I was on a diet to lose weight I was eating the wrong foods to help my diabetes.  

I would eat copious amounts of pasta, rice and potatoes on Slimming World which is the worst thing someone with pre-diabetes to eat.  The same goes for Weight Watchers; I’d save my points up so I could eat as much chocolate as possible.

A Diet Plan That Is Extremely Easy To Follow

I was so lucky to have been selected to take part in ITV’s The Fast Fix Diabetes documentary.  I learnt so much about diet, health and myself during this time.  It turned everything I believed in with regards to weight loss and diets on its head.  I have spent most of my life thinking that diet replacement products were the worst thing you could do; mainly because it doesn’t teach you what to eat and this would mean you would put all the weight back on and more.

So on the first day of filming when I was told that we would be on diet meal replacement shakes etc I was in shock.  I also thought I wouldn’t be able to do it; I hate that kind of product or so I thought and it went against everything at that point I believed in.  However, the worlds leading diabetes expert Professor Roy Taylor, his colleague Professor Jason Gill, Dr Zoe Williams and a Phd qualified dietician were looking after us so I had to put my trust in these guys and give it a chance.

The Best Thing I Ever Did

Putting my trust into these guys and using the Exante diet meal replacement products is the best thing I have ever done for myself… ever!  So believe me when I say it will be the best thing you can do for yourself too.

I was a huge comfort eater so had a big job on my hand but I did it and so can you.  So far I have lost 3 stone, 58 inches, reversed my type 2 diabetes and reversed my fatty liver.  I did this just by following the Exante diet.

During The Fast Fix, we consumed 4 Exante diet meal replacement shakes a day.  The first few days were the most difficult but when you get to day 5 it seems to become a lot easier.  Exante has various diet plans to choose from depending on your goals.

No More Counting

Firstly you don’t need to count calories etc.  You just take the sachet, mix it with water, blend and drink.  It doesn’t get easier than that.  The only thing that I suggest is that you use cold water from the fridge; it tastes so much better that way – trust me on this!

Weight Loss Products

So over to the products themselves.  My personal favourites are the pink shakes but the others are great too.  I love the bars and have one on a night time as it feels like a real treat.  To read about my five favourite bars please click here.  

The bars are great too because you can keep one in your bag for emergencies etc.  Don’t buy a lot of one flavour unless you have tried it first.  If you buy a flavour you don’t like don’t throw it away you can mix it with another flavour etc and tailor it.  You can also get sugar free flavour drops from My Protein which you can mix with the ones you don’t like.  

Cherries & Berries Exante Diet Meal Replacement Shake

The meals that I like the most are the shepherd’s pie and spaghetti bolognese and the apple crumble.  Now don’t get excited it’s not like homemade cooking but its palatable and makes a change from shakes.  The shepherd’s pie is a bit like flavoured instant mash but I really like it.  I add salt and pepper, dried herbs or fresh if I have them and a dash of Worcestershire sauce.  With regards to the bolognese, I again add salt and pepper but I also add a dash of Tabasco to give it a spicy kick.  

Exante Spaghetti Bolognese Diet Meal Replacement

Before I forget when you place your order please use my exclusive money off code TRACEY40 which will give you a massive 40% off your total shop.  So you’d be getting them nearly half price!   Also, TRACEY20 will get you a 20% discount on the other items i.e. water enhancers.

Other Things You Need To Do

Make sure that you drink enough water this is very important.  Also, take the time on your diet to research a healthy lifestyle and diet ready for when you are ready to transition to normal food.  I personally would suggest following a low carb keto diet but obviously, you choose what is right for you.  If you subscribe to my blog/newsletter (at the bottom of this post or on the right hand side) you can download a free low carb recipe eBook.

Other Products I Use

These items are not compulsory they are just additions that I choose for me.

My Protein Flavour Drops – these are great to add to flavours you maybe aren’t keen on or just to enhance the flavour and make your own mixtures.  They come on a variety of flavours and last a long time.

My Protein Flavour Drops

MCT8 Oil – I put 1 tbsp into my first coffee of the day.  You can read about the health benefits of this here.

My Protein sugar-free butterscotch sauce and also the Exante sauces – I use these on my Exante Lemon pancakes.  

the fast fix

Making A Waffle With Exante Diet Meal Replacement Pancake Mix

I love these pancakes but as I am rubbish at making pancakes I pour the mixture into a waffle maker and they are delicious.

Exante Lemon Pancake

the fast fix

Voila! Lemon Waffle using Exante Diet Meal Replacement Lemon Pancake Mix

If you don’t have a waffle maker and you want one this is the one that I have.  I love it and would be lost without it.  You heat the waffle maker until the light comes on then spray with oil, pour the mixture into the waffle maker place the lid down.  Then after several second rotate the waffle maker with the handle and it is ready in a couple of minutes if that.  Beautiful light and fluffy.

I also use My Protein collagen powder.  I put one scoop of this into my post workout shake of the day.  Again this is not compulsory.  

My Protein Collagen Powder

So give it a go you won’t regret it and let me know how you get on.

I look forward to hearing your success stories.

Tracey xXx