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Well Done for what you have achieved. I am 69 yrs old and have not long found out that I have Diabetes type 2. I am overweight by several stone and it affects my walking (It hurts to walk too far.) I feel depressed but I know exante works. I thought we had to avoid sugar and a lot of their products have sugar. What are your thoughts on this. I want my life back because I feel so restricted. Oh and did I say depressed???


Thank you! Great read and loads I follow myself! I call my diet the ‘chin chop’ as I want my face back! I took a close face selfie on day one and take one each week to see a record of progress! By week 1, the ‘alcohol bloat’ had gone and my skin was better and my eyes are starting to sparkle again! I want to be able to be confident to have a photo taken with my daughter, which I haven’t done in 4 years! I want her to see a smiling, happy and confident mummy!