Reopening of a Tattoo Shop

Reopening of a Tattoo Shop

Today I am writing on behalf of a very very good friend of mine.  His name is Lee and he is a tattooist and also a very talented artist and this article is about the re-opening of a tattoo shop; in fact his tattoo shop.

Down but not out

I won’t go into too much detail because it is personal to Lee, but Lee had set up his shop earlier in the year and due to an extreme and unprecedented series of personal events he recently had to close it.   But Lee who I can assure you is a survivor and not a victim has thankfully decided to kick the bad shit in the ass and get on with his life and doing what he does best… Tattooing…. and…. art!


Now he has until the 16th August to get clients booked in so he can keep the shop up and running, and I have promised him I would help as much as I can.  Hence today’s blog post.   The premises are in Ripon, North Yorkshire, a beautiful market town not far from Harrogate, Leeds and York.  This is a perfect location for the reopening of a tattoo shop.


Now what is needed right now is clients old and new.  As I mentioned Lee needs a client list before the 16th and bookings in.  I believe Lee is offering a discount for the first few clients so the earlier you get booked in the better.   Please contact me on this blog or by my facebook page and I will pass the information on to Lee on your behalf.

Examples of Tattoos by Lee

reopening of a tattoo shop
Butterfly by Lee Devor
eye tattoo by Lee Devor
Eye Tattoo by Lee Devor
rose tattoo by Lee Devor
Rose Tattoo by Lee Devor
tattoo by lee devor
Tattoo by Lee Devor
lion tattoo by lee devor
Lion Tattoo by Lee Devor
cover up tattoo by Lee Devor
Cover Up Tattoo by Lee Devor
Lion Tattoo by Lee Devor
Lion Tattoo by Lee Devor

Impressive work don’t you think?

Art Work

morgan freeman in pastel by Lee Devor
Morgan Freeman in pastel by Lee Devor
pastel artwork by Lee Devor
Pastel Artwork by Lee Devor
old man in Pastel by Lee Devor
Old Man in Pastel by Lee Devor

I do believe that Lee has several pastel pieces for sale and I will either be adding them to my shop or posting the link to Lee.  I will let you know after seeing him.

Please do the following

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We need to get Lee back up and running doing what he does best.

Tracey xXx