Things that failed relationships teach you

Things that failed relationships teach you

You really shouldn’t think of failed relationships as being a waste of time, love and effort on your part.  Relationships end and there isn’t much you can do about it.  If it is meant to end it shall do.  There is always something to learn about yourself and relationships when once comes to an end.  I am going to share with you some things that failed relationships teach you.

Let us begin

  • Sex is one hell of a drug – apparently.  I can just about vaguely remember this activity.  Some people say it is like riding a bike; well I hope not because I used to keep falling off mine.  But seriously with the right person, it is a heady cocktail and it keeps you healthy.  Those hormones that are released are necessary for well being and keeping the bond alive with intimacy.  You also get to learn techniques along the way.
  • Insecurities will eat you alive – I’m not joking either definitely one of the things that failed relationships teach you.  Being in the wrong relationship or having the wrong mind set will make you ill.  Are you insecure about your physical appearance?  I know what this feels like especially after being pregnant three times.  For those of you who have not experienced this yet, imagine blowing up a balloon three times and then look at it afterwards… the men I date don’t seem to understand this.  Unlike celebrities, most of us women can not afford to have tummy tucks after each child.   Insecurities come about too when you do not trust your partner which leads to the next bullet point.  
  • Trust takes time to build but can break in an instant – One of my ex-partners who I loved more than anyone betrayed me, he spoke to women online behind my back in a sexual nature, visited them too on occasion and when I found out it broke my heart, I didn’t believe in that saying until it actually happened to me.  It wasn’t just an emotional pain it was a physical pain too.  I wasn’t able to trust him afterwards and that made me insecure for a very long time.
  • Communication – You need to be able to open up to your partner or what is the point.  You should be able to talk about anything and everything without fear of being judged or ridiculed.  You in return must have the ability to listen I mean really listen.  It won’t last long if you can’t talk to the person you are supposed to be in love with or listen to them either.
  • Strengths – Vulnerability is a strength. I feel vulnerable every time I meet someone new and I have to stop building that wall around me that I have built up.  I have to acknowledge the feeling of vulnerability to be ready to accept what could be something truly wonderful.  You need to put yourself in their hands and trust with all your being.
  • Love – Love is not just a feeling it is a choice, it is also real as real as you and me.  Peoples capacity of love differ greatly, my ex I mentioned above had placed far too many conditions on it and rarely made me feel the love that I craved.    The love I have spoken of before on my blog.  It has to be unconditional there is no question of that.  You can’t love someone just because they do a certain thing for you or you expect them too.  We have to love completely and utterly with no conditions and expectations.  I agree sometimes that is scary but anything else is a lie.
  • Don’t settle for going for someone you can grow with – You need to know what you want from life and a partner I think before you start that journey.  I loved my husband when I got married but I got married far too young; early 20’s and I changed, I also suffered from undiagnosed post natal depression which was the final nail in the coffin I think.  But we remain friends and always will be.  My point is that you think you will grow together but more often than not you will grow apart.
  • Trust your gut – now this is something I have been very guilty of ignoring until now that is.  I used to ignore it.  It would be screaming at me, telling me no he’s a psycho… me “oh don’t be daft stupid gut I’m sure he has a nice side” – well guess what he didn’t, and neither did the next or the next.  I learnt my lesson the hard way but it was a lesson well learnt and  I now listen to my gut and it fails me no longer.  I’ve learned to listen to that little voice in my head, and the feelings in my gut which people refer to as your second brain.  They speak the truth.  A psychic medium once said to me, “you’d love a serial killer because he has nice hands” he wasn’t far wrong.   A case of not seeing the wood for the trees.  Open your eyes, feel and listen.
  • Treat your relationship as a priority – this goes without question well you would think so wouldn’t you.  My ex had a priority and that was his X Box until 3 am or 4 am every morning, followed by talking to other women online.  I’m not repeating all this because I am bitter because I am far from it I am just using them as examples.  If you want your relationship to work you have to put it first.  It is something that you have to work for, and there will always be a level of compromise but that is a small price to pay.
  • Don’t chase someone – apart from making you look like a desperate numpty if you need to chase someone they are not the one for you.  If you are important to someone they will show it and vice versa.  No game playing, and don’t mess with someone’s feelings giving them hope where there is none.
  • Getting hurt makes you stronger – I do believe this to be true and I used to be such a bloody doormat. I gave people far too many chances always believing that in my heart they are really good people and capable of changing.  Well were they buggery.  I think we do build up a protective wall for a while, but when you have digested it all and you realise it wasn’t your fault or it just wasn’t meant to be, you change the way you view it and start to realise just what it is you do and don’t want from being in a relationship.  
  • Accept them for who they are – I’ve kind of already touched on this a little bit when referring to unconditional love.  They were a certain way when you met them so don’t expect them to be different or change three months down the line.  Respect their values and the things that are important to them and make them who they are.  You have no right to make or expect them to change.
  • We are all individuals – this goes without saying.  We are all unique and so we should be.  It’s great if you have joint hobbies but it’s great if you have ones just you like too.  You are not two peas in a pod, you are not joined at the hip.  Although if that’s how you want to be as a couple that is fine too.  I think what I am trying to say is don’t expect your partner to conform to your idea of what they should be.  Let them be themselves.
  • Love can be dangerous – yes it can but so can crossing the road with your eyes closed.  I think you just need to keep a bit of common sense around you in the early stages.  If someone seems controlling they usually are and you will find out nine months in when you end up with a black eye that your gut was telling you about and to reverse and quickly.  
  • We all make mistakes – Don’t we just.  All kinds of mistakes some over and over until you learn the lesson.  I have made tonnes of the bloody things, mistake after mistake and I also think this sits along nicely with communication.  I think if we communicate better there will be fewer mistakes.  It’s not rocket science really is it?  We are human beings or as I say spiritual beings in human bodies.  We are here to learn lessons and graduate to university (heaven for want of a better word).  So yes you can make your mistakes; that doesn’t mean I’m giving you permission to go around making them left right and centre. Just appreciate we are all human and forgiveness goes a long way to healing someone and also yourself.
  • The perfect person doesn’t exist – well apart from me that is – JOKE  Sorry I couldn’t resist that.  But not one of us is perfect but it seems that a lot of people need to be reminded of this.  I get chatting to men on dating sites. As soon as they find out that I’m not a size 12 and that I’m overweight or curvy as I like to be referred they disappear.  The thing is weight can be gained and it also can be lost.  However arrogance and fickleness I find quite an ugly trait and sadly usually stay with someone.  I have no special kind of person I go for.  The most important thing for me is a sense of humour, kindness, caring, compassion, empathy, gentleness and loving.  Romantic is also a plus together with a great smile.  You can not be all things to all people and dont be so quick to judge.  The only person who can judge you is you no one else.    None of us knows what experience of life the other person has had.

    Well, there you go just a few things that failed relationships teach you.

I’m, sure there are more and if you want to share them please do.

Always good to hear other peoples points of view.

Until next time

Love as always

things that failed relationships teach you

Tracey xXx



Empty Nest Syndrome

Empty Nest Syndrome

Well it finally happened had my dose of empty nest syndrome, my middle child has left home to spread his wings.  Came sooner than I was expecting; yesterday in fact.  Just hit me like a bolt of lightning.  

Empty Nest Syndrome -It really exists

It’s funny I thought empty nest syndrome was for WI members and people that like knitting and borrowing CDs from libraries (I don’t get out much).    But no because it just happened to little old me.  


Empty nest syndrome you can fuck off right now.  I was absolutely devastated, felt empty, worthless, useless, alone, lonely and I’ll be honest I cried myself to sleep.  I was beside myself something and someone important was missing from my life.  My middle baby boy has grown up.  He is starting at University soon and it’s time for me to let go.  The pain of letting go of a child into the outside world is a physical and emotional pain.  I knew it was coming but even so, the pain of it hit me like a sledgehammer last night.


It wasn’t because I was alone yesterday I spend a lot of time on my own and I honestly don’t mind my own company.  I’ve never been one for socialising every minute of the day.  But this was a different alone, an empty alone, a kind of who am I now kind of alone.  I was numb.


As I previously mentioned last night was a severe case of the empty nest syndrome and this morning I won’t lie I had another little cry but then told myself stop! enough tears now Wardy… This is my job as a Mother.  I carried him in my belly for 9 months, brought him up teaching him right from wrong, we had a little bit of a blip with that one along the way but he pulled himself out of it and made me a very proud mother and he still does.  He’s finished his A’Levels.  He has found himself a beautiful, friendly, caring, intelligent, artistic girl who I would be honoured to have as a daughter in law.  It’s time for him to live his life.  He is taking that next step and I am so unbelievably proud of him; I don’t think he realises how much.


When I finally started to get my head around it this morning I realised the empty nest syndrome is actually a positive thing.  It means I have done my job to the best of my ability and so far for 24 years.  I know I am not perfect by a long shot in fact but then who is?  

Who am I?

Now it is time to find out who I am.  I mean who am I?  If I don’t know you certainly don’t.  Yes, my name is Tracey, I was born in Leicester, I now live in North Yorkshire, I studied art and design and University but that isn’t me.  It isn’t who I am.  I now have that opportunity to find that out and find my purpose in life, my service to humanity, my passions and my desires, I’m at a crossroads and I am now going to, at the same time as my son, take a leap of faith and embrace the future.  


The one word that fills my soul now is “HOPE“.   A hope for a future not just for me but for everyone.  Hope is such a strong emotion and a powerful word and thought.   It is the one thing that people have when  they find themselves in dark places, or situations, with no idea or knowledge of any escape from it.   Hope is the light at the end of the tunnel.  You keep your eye on that light and move closer and closer to it following your soul’s path whatever that may be.  


I know my future is going to be important and on many levels.  I know that setting up Harrogate Black Dog two years ago was the right thing to do, I know that writing poetry was the right thing to do, I know that writing a book was the right thing to do and I know writing this blog is the right thing for me to do.  My future is the written word and it is going to take me on a journey of discovery and of helping others along the way.  

I can now actually look back and see that everything that has happened in my life was for a reason, they were all stepping stones to take me to this very point in my life.   I know with every ounce of my being I am doing the right thing.  

Light Bulb Moment

I think what I want to say is to any other mothers out there going through the empty nest syndrome, you know what, give yourself a bloody good pat on the back.  Being a parent is one of the most difficult jobs in this world but also one of the most rewarding.  Your babies are now going out into the big wide world and will succeed because of you.  

Your Turn

This is your turn to find out what makes you tick again, for you to get that fire back in your belly.  Start new hobbies, interests or get back in touch with some old ones.

We have been given a life to live and that is what we must do.  Because you know what… when you stop… and pause.. just for a minute.. look around you.. take it all in.. life can be magical.  Life “is” magical.

Right, I’m just going to feed my unicorn and go for a gallop; you can join me if you like ;).

Love you all

Tracey xXx

empty nest syndrome
I give you my love by Tracey Ward


What is Love?

Come on seriously what is love?  You can’t explain it very easily you just feel it. You decide that others love you in different ways and they feel the same or not about you.   What a mixed up bag of emotions.  Peoples capacity of love and to love are so different and so complex when in reality it should be the easiest thing in the world.

What is Love?

what is love?
Embrace your inner child

Come on seriously what is love?  You can’t explain it very easily you just feel it. You decide that others love you in different ways and they feel the same or not about you.   What a mixed up bag of emotions.  Peoples capacity of love and to love are so different and so complex when in reality it should be the easiest thing in the world.

Love should be unconditional

You should never put conditions on it but we do- we all do.  For example, I will love you if you treat me in this way, I will love you if take me to work every morning.  You think to yourself, oh he will love me if I give him a blow job once a week, he will love me if I look like a page 3 model.  What the fuck are we doing to ourselves that is not love.  You are letting others judge you based on what exactly?    

Your first breath

what is love?
Baby Grandson, my daughter and me – proud Grandma

Love is unconditional.  We should never ever place conditions on it.  There is only one time in your life when you have ever been loved unconditionally and you have loved unconditionally and this is the day you were born.

You came into this world when no one knew you and you knew no one.  Your parents looked at you and loved you unconditionally right at that moment you were truly loved unconditionally and you as a baby loved your parents unconditionally.  It’s only as we start to grow and start to get judged by people that we start to change.  

We try to make others happy, or happier or make them feel like the best thing since sliced bread because you expect something in return for it… well don’t!.  You do it because you want to do it with no expectations.  Well, you know what they did start out as being the best thing since sliced bread because of there being no conditions expected or placed.

Other Peoples Opinions

And something else do you know what other people think of you is actually none of your damned business because for one they don’t know you and secondly that’s their personal thoughts, not yours.  I have spent so much of my life worrying about what other people think of me… what the fuck was I thinking?  I must have been off my rocker.  Who taught me to become that person?  While doing that I was denying myself life… a voice… to be part of creation.  I’ve wasted 48 years of trying to please people who either don’t care about me, don’t love me and don’t actually really know me.  What a waste of precious time.

The World Is Your Oyster

Who would I be right now if I had started off with the right mentality?  The world is my oyster and you know what it is yours too.  The person who is stopping that is yourself.  You can’t blame the person you live with, the habits you have formed.  Thoughts are actually real things and they create actions and reactions which create movement but it’s up to you which direction they take you.

Like Attracts Like

You think negatively you will attract negativity it’s as simple as that.   Imagine yourself as a magnet, and you want to attract positive things into your life the only way you are going to do that is by thinking about positive things.

My Life

I know I am not going to be spending the next 48 years worrying about what other people think of me.  If I want to have another tattoo I’m going to have another tattoo, if I want to dye my hair pink I shall do, I will wear what I want and because I feel good in it and that’s all that matters.    People will always judge regardless so fuck em.. do it anyway… please yourself… love yourself… be proud of who you are, the journey you’ve travelled, the things you’ve accomplished.  Life is so incredibly short.  What is love to you?

Do I Believe In God?

Someone asked me the other day if I believed in God.  Well, I don’t believe in the god that society expects us to believe in but I do believe there is something that is difficult to put into words.  We are all energy and energy does not and can not disappear it just turns into something else.  I believe this world is nothing but a series of lessons we have to learn before we graduate to the higher realm whatever or wherever that may be.  God is basically about creation, and we are here to create… to live and to experience.    We are spiritual beings in a human body having human experiences then we will go back to being a spiritual being on another higher plane.  


Wouldnt you want to look back on your life and have pride in what you have accomplished, and in the unconditional love and the help that you gave to others.    Again I mean what is love? Shouldn’t we just start trying to love people for who they are… don’t judge others; you don’t have that right… don’t put people down…. what gives you the right?    Every single one of you is unique… we are not sheep.. 


Shouldn’t we just start trying to love people for who they are… don’t judge others; you don’t have that right… don’t put people down…. what gives you the right?    Every single one of you is unique… we are not sheep..   You need to find that inner glow and let it shine.  We all need to shine.  So let’s shine together.

These are my beliefs and what my soul believes.  I think that was the journey I had to take to get to this point in my life, it had to take me 48 years to learn that lesson.    The next chapter is going to be a fulfilling one on a physical, emotional, practical, and spiritual level.  I have new friends to make, a partner in crime to find, laughter to fill my belly, new experiences, hobbies, adventures, new sensations, new everything.  

I am going to start my journey with a plan.  An actual physical plan where I picked up a pen and write down what I am going to do, where I am going and how I am going to get there.  I am also going to start meditating again followed by some stretching exercises.  You have to start with self-love as a wise person once said, you can not pour from an empty cup.  

Talking of wise people I want you to look up on Bob Proctor, and maybe read one of his books.  All about changing your mind set and attracting positive things into your life.  I don’t get any money for referring you to his site or anything I just think he is an amazing person to learn from.

So I can do it I’m sure you can too…

High five Wardy… 

Tracey xXx



Excerpt from Why Rainbows May Cry

A free poem entitled “A Lions Heart” from my book “Why Rainbows May Cry”. Poems about relationships, love and loss and online dating experiences.

Excerpt from Why Rainbows May Cry

I thought I would share with you an excerpt from Why Rainbows May Cry; my book of poetry.  

What is the book about?

My book as described in previous posts came about from my disastrous dating experiences.  Disastrous may be a strong word, I don’t know, but all the men that I wrote about left an impression and not always good.  My way of dealing with this was writing about them and for some reason, I still don’t really understand they came out in the form of poems.  It got to the point I had enough to put together and publish a book.  Now to spare the embarrassment and blushes of these men I did not name them as that would be very wrong to do.  However, I gave them an identity relating to their job or where they were from etc.  The poem I am sharing with you all today is dedicated to “Mr Oil Rig”.

Who it was about

I wrote numerous poems about ‘Mr Oil Rig’ as he affected me so much at the time.  My time spent talking with him was a complete and utter rollercoaster, and I must have experienced near enough every emotion that you could do under the circumstances.  There are no prizes for guessing he worked on an oil rig.   The fact he worked on an oil rig never phased me at all; I knew about the length of time that is spent offshore but if anything that quite suited me as I did not want to live in someone’s pocket.  

What happened

Now I spoke to this guy for a long time and the plan was that when he returned home we would meet up.  We were communicating up until the point of him boarding the helicopter to bring him back.  He then disappeared off the face of the earth with no explanation.  I was obviously left in shock, did not know what to think or what happened.  Approximately a month later he contacted me again.  I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and started talking with him; yet again he was on the rig.  We spoke for another 3 weeks and he apologised and promised when he gets back he will meet me.

Well, he got back and I didn’t hear anything for a few days then he got in touch.  We arranged to meet on a particular day and he told me he would message me when he was leaving.  Yes, you guessed it the phone call or text message never arrived.  I did not know what he was doing if he was still coming, no message or call.   He left me feeling completely confused, broken, sad, hurt; I felt used and in limbo.  Like I was just there to stop him getting bored while he was offshore.  Then, my gut started talking to me; no it was shouting at me.  The phrase that popped into my head was “he was married”.  But that is something I will never know.    

What were you thinking

I can imagine you thinking why did I not see this, why did I put up with this, why did I let him treat me like this for so long.  The answer is, I was vulnerable, no actually I was very vulnerable.  I had come out of a god awful relationship, one that had me sleeping on the living room floor for 8 months, no affection, I was used financially and emotionally.  My bedroom got trashed by his daughter.. anyway this is another story for another time.  I just need you to understand my head and my heart was not really in the right place to even consider another relationship with someone but I think I just wanted someone to hold me and Mr Oil Rig did even if it was virtual.

A bit more about the poem

The excerpt from Why Rainbows May Cry is a poem called “A Lions Heart”.  I wrote so many poems about this individual and this poem is basically my coming to terms with every single bit of it and him and other men who treated me in a similar way.  

A Lions Heart

What the hell was I thinking about
Crying over you
The only thing you ever gave me was doubt
Lies and deceit it’s true

You, Sir, are unworthy of any of my tears
My love, my life; or my heart
My new life it starts today
I am so ready for this life to start

You see I have been given a gift
I can forgive, forget and move on
You Sir I am afraid will have nothing
You will have to find another woman to con

I have come out of this so much stronger
And you will have to pay the price
You see I have no need to prolong this
And I will never let you fool me twice

For I am a warrior by nature
And can withstand any large fight or storm
You, my darling, are just a weakling
And your efforts to love are lukewarm

For I have the heart of a lion
I can stand proud, strong and tall
You have the heart of a mouse
All tiny, a rodent and small

So you had better not start to message me
Because for me it will be such a bore
But God help you, Sir, if you do so
Because then you will hear my roar

Reasons to be thankful

I am so thankful for experiencing this individual and the others, to be honest.  Because without these experiences this book would never have happened.    Also, I have grown, fought, developed, evolved, survived and won the fight;  like a caterpillar into a butterfly, I have turned into a woman who knows what she wants and what she doesn’t want with regards to men.  It doesn’t really get better than that.  

So hats off to all of you in my book; I couldn’t have done it without you.  I have achieved a dream; to have published a book and grown from it too and I now know not one of you deserved me.

What can you do

What I would love is for people to buy this collection of poems and share them with people.  I’m very proud of them.  They are open and honest and come from the heart.  From the feedback so far they resonate inside some people, they have experienced the same or similar and can relate to them. This has actually helped some people and for that, I am so pleased and humbled.  I have received a couple of messages from people who were moved to tears from some of the poems; this in itself moved me greatly.

If you wish to buy this book it is available in Kindle format and paperback.  For some reason that I am still addressing the paperback comes without page numbers, you never know one day it might be a collector’s item – stranger things have happened.

Also, just to let you know on the left side of this page is a link to leave a comment.  I will be moving this as soon as I can so it appears at the bottom of every post and makes it easier for you.

Thank you for reading

All my love

Tracey xXx

A Prayer for the Lost

A Prayer for the Lost

In light of the recent events both in Manchester and London I have written a poem entitled; “A Prayer for the Lost”.  I will be publishing it via Amazon for £1.99.  


All the money raised from this poem will be going direct to the charity helping the victims and their families of these malicious attacks.

Below is a link to the poem.   I would be so very grateful if you could purchase this poem on behalf of the victims and the families caught up in this truly awful act.

A Prayer for the Lost poem charity
A Prayer for the Lost


I felt compelled to do something because I felt so helpless.  I have no money so all I can give is my voice, my words and my heart.  I hope that we can one day stand together all over the world in peace and have nothing but love and respect for our fellow man.  

I doubt I will ever see this in my lifetime but wouldn’t that be so cool?   No war, greed, hunger, fear, terrorism.   Surely if we all stand together this can be achieved why does it have to be so difficult.  To Love someone costs nothing, nothing at all.  To care about other human beings costs nothing.  To care about this planet the same…. But we continue to destroy each other and everything else while we are at it.  Why are we such a destructive world?  Where did it all go wrong?

All these questions and no answers.  One day I hope there will be.


stand together
Stand Together

Short Romance

online dating is the pits. It seems to be full of time wasters and people who are from a different planet to the rest of us. This is definitely a story for the next book

Short Romance

Short romance or what.   Shocked is an understatement did not see that one coming at all.  That was very short and sweet.  Just when you think you have found someone genuine, kind, caring, loving, affectionate and honest you get dumped by text out of the blue…. with the old faithful it is not you it is me… please I mean really?

I actually feel I am allergic to men.  Talk about timing with the book launch.  I had better crack on with this years and he can be the subject of the first poem. Think that is the least I can do… and to all my fellow dumpees out there.. what can I say but it is their loss.  Onwards and upwards 

Book Launch

Finally my first book “why rainbows may cry” is available to download on Amazon Kindle. It is a collection of poems based on my recent online dating experiences. Some strong language but a very much needed outlet

Book Launch    

Well I have finally gone and done it.  Drum roll please… I have launched my book on Amazon.  Woo Hoo

Reason why I did this

I am a hugely sentimental person, fall in love far too quickly usually and basically believe anything I am told… well I used to!  My last long term relationship was a living hell.  I won’t mention names but he moved into my house far too quickly; but I loved him or so I thought.  To cut a long story short it ended up with his 15 year old daughter moving in with him and taking my bedroom and me sleeping on the floor in the living room for 8 months until I was able to get them to leave.  No privacy, no access to my things and also being diagnosed with fibromyalgia; needless to say I reached breaking point.  When I came out the other side I was still pretty fragile and I guess vulnerable.  But thinking I was ok I jumped in at the deep end and joined several dating sites and met a few people. 

Writing is cathartic

Because I had not healed as much as I thought I had I was still pretty vulnerable and desperate for some kind of emotional sticking plaster.  Well we know life does not work like that.  Healing and strength has to come from within not from someone else and takes time.  I had more than a handful of dates and found that writing poems about them was a very cathartic thing for me to do at the time; but also now reading back I can see just how far I have come.

I think you will see the vulnerability and rawness in these poems but I also hope that you will see the strength coming back and me turning from that caterpillar into a butterfly.


The book is available on Amazon and would really welcome your feedback.  I have never published before although always wanted to.  I hope you get something from it.  We all make mistakes but it is how we learn and move on that is important. The ability to laugh at yourself too.

Dating Insights and yours truly


Wow I think I may actually be lost for words today and that is not like me at all as I can rabbit on for England.  My middle name should be “waffle”. Anyone who knows me will know my dating experiences over the past years have just been the worst ever; from comical to scary.  I have met people who on the first date told me they like dressing as a woman every weekend to one who liked flashing at strangers (yes really). It is something I will go into at a later date and in fact I am writing a book about.  

Throwing in the towel

I had reached that point of throwing in the towel and giving up on the whole thing.  However, one week ago I started talking to a man on Zoosk.   Straight away it was different as this man was from Hungary so there were some translation problems especially at the beginning.  But we both kept at it and a week later (today in fact) we met for coffee which turned into feeding the ducks at Swinsty Reservoir.

A Soulmate Bear Hug

Now I do not know about you but I have seen those quotes on Facebook over the years about meeting the one who hugs you in a way that they are squeezing and putting all the broken pieces back together again.   Well… this is what has happened to me today.  A hug that I did not want to end and a big plus; he was not wearing stillettos! Thank you god! 

So I hope you will watch this develop alongside me and just want to say to singletons out there… do not give up because just when you least expect it someone will come along.

Watch this space…..

PS.. Harvey Houdini my canine sidekick came along for the ride and he approves also so all is good.