Lip Synch Haircut Day

Lip Synch Haircut Day

Well, today is lip synch haircut day.  Time for a bit of pampering and a lovely head massage courtesy of Hamish and Dan at Joseph Ferraro Hairdressing on Leeds Road.  Just need to give Hamish a shout out actually he officially qualified and finished his training yesterday.   Get yourself booked in; you’ll get treated like a princess; tell him I told you so and you never know you might get an extra bit of flapjack – I’ll be getting told off now; cheeky mare.  

2017 Hairdressing Awards

Actually, before I forget Joseph is again a finalist in the 2017 Hairdressing Awards and I’m not surprised he works miracles as do all the staff.

joseph Ferraro Hairdressing
Hair by Hamish at Joseph Ferraro

Copious amounts of coffee were drunk as I was up very late last night getting distracted with one film after another.  Followed by an early start it’s not good especially at my age.



Not sure why but was feeling in a very mischievous mood this afternoon it must be all the pain killers I’m on at the minute, think my brain is in planet la la land.  

So as I was high as a kite on caffeine and practicing with my speaker, microphone (still not working properly) and video practice I did a bit of lip synching for you as it mentions hair in it I chose one of my favourites Bohemian Like You by The Dandy Warhols.

Don’t Laugh – well actually you can laugh a lot, this must have been the 20th take FFS.  I’ve got so much to learn with regards to technical stuff.  Please don’t take it seriously as it is definitely tongue in cheek.

In the meantime enjoy your Wednesday or what is left of it and I will be back tomorrow.

Future lip synch songs on request lol – I’m joking.

Tracey xXx