Clouds Have Silver Linings

Day 1 of the new blog, brighter, fresher, more streamlined and definitely more me.

Now yesterday if you had said clouds have silver linings to me you may have ended up with a black eye.  Well you wouldn’t because I’m not violent but you may have received a virtual one.  I lost all my 3 years of blog posts literally overnight.  Now yes I was devasted but.. after another stressfull morning of setting up my new sites and hackers trying again to get in I’m feeling much more positive.

I have redesigned and streamlined and threw security at it from all directions.  I’ve backed up and tweaked and ummed and arghed, scratched my head – lots!   But I think the basics have now nearly been accomplished.  

As I said to someone this morning as the saying goes, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” well I am coming out the other end as the “Hulk” complete with ripped trousers.  And as my mate Del Boy says, “He who dares; wins!”

One thing I have learnt in life is to let go.  To let go of anger, resentment, guilt and to forgive.  It’s the only way you can move forward and stay healthy and sane at the same time.

So the new blog is I guess a bit of a fresh start.  I’ve learnt a lot over the past three years and I’ve learnt a fair bit about what makes a good blog post and article.  I’m going to be focussing a lot more on health and wellness, healthy diets including keto diets, recipes, creativity, things going on in the world or in my little bit of the world etc.  Hopefully too more interaction with my readers and a lot more campaigning for mental health awareness and also the charity/foundation that I am wanting to set up.  I also want to get some more books done.  So all in all it’s going to be a jam packed year.  

Next week, just to add a little bit more pressure I have my first Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology exam so this weekend will mostly consist of revision, revision and more revision.


So time for a well earned cuppa and a keto peanut cookie.

Back tomorrow 


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