Stress Update

Just a quickie update for the day. Meditation session got postponed to next week as the lady wasn’t very well sadly.

So rather than sitting on my backside feeling sorry for myself and stuffing my face with mini marshmallows convincing myself they are not as fattening as the big ones 🤨🤓 I took myself to the gym and smashed it.

I’ve mentioned this before how important it is sometimes to find that little bit of strength inside of yourself and be pro-active and not reactive.

During my time at The Fast Fix Clinic my two amazing friends Steve and Luke bought me a Wonder Woman duck.

Steve and Luke I left that gym tonight feeling like Wonder Woman and I now have a BIG smile on my face.

Thank you for the duck and thank you for reminding me that the power is truly within.

Love you lots

Tracey xXx

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