Monday Waffles

Monday Chit Chat

And before you ask it’s nothing to do with food; it’s a kind of rambling on waffle thing.   A friend (no longer) let me down big time with regards to the recent workshop offer.   I should have guessed really because he is that type of person.  So I guess leopards really don’t change their spots.  Lesson learnt.. whoosh there it goes behind me… move on!  and move on I have.  Hence my Monday waffles for today’s post.

New Workshop

I have an empty bedroom upstairs after Sam moved out last month so today all my jewellery making stuff, my clay stuff, my craft stuff is now residing in my “new workshop to be”.   When my daughter moves out next year that room is going to be the sewing room or art studio…. dream…. dream…. dream… We all need dreams; I have hundreds of the bloody things from learning to ride a horse to learn to play the piano and everything in between.

I just need to find some muscles now to move stuff around as his bed is still in there and I want the desk in front of the window.  It’s an incredibly dark bedroom so I need as much natural light as possible.  

What I Will Be Doing In There

I think the writing is going to be done in the living room still, watercolours in the kitchen.  Oh, I’ve got it all planned me.   So a list of things I will be making and doing from the workshop:

Men’s Jewellery
Women’s Jewellery
Polymer Clay
Remembrance Jewellery
3D Sculpture
Candle Making will be kitchen based for obvious reasons
Wiccan paraphernalia

Come Along For The Ride

I will share the journey with you and will be throwing in tutorials along the way for people who want to either see how something is done out of interest or have a go themselves.  I will like to get into teaching at some point at evening classes or live on social media, maybe even craft books etc but that is a bit further down the line.

Pace Yourself Woman

I’ve done far too much for my body today so might pay the price tomorrow… but that’s what painkillers are for isn’t it.. so bring it on Fibro I’m waiting for you – do your worst I dare you.  Maybe I shouldn’t have said that lol.  Oh well, it has two fingers from me and can buzz right off.  

Free From The TV

I just have to say that since having an electric meter put in I have become more aware of the use of electricity.  It’s like a switch has gone off in my head and I am conserving energy like a mad thing.  Maybe meters are the future.. I’m also getting more reading done and more writing done as the TV does not go on now unless there is something that I really really want to watch; which is how it should be.    

Chill Out Time

Yesterday was a tiring day for me so had some relaxing music in the background and then listened to some audio books for a while.  I was away with the fairies which is a good place to be in my book; alongside being able to park your unicorn in the garden.


I’ve been experimenting with the medication for the past week too and think I have cracked it.  I’m starting to have it a lot earlier at night;  Last night was about 7.30pm and I don’t think I felt so hungover this morning when I got up which was great.   No headache either woo hoo.

Tallulah Love Rocket

Well, Tallulah Love Rocket failed its MOT last Thursday and is in the garage being repaired as I type this.  I am completely lost without my car.  I hate it.  Fingers crossed it will be back tomorrow and I can’t bloody wait.  

A Little Something To Make You Smile

mondays waffles

To make you smile

Monday Waffles And Oh One More Thing

There is one big fat badass spider in my house.  It is right above the stairs and is too high to reach with the hoover.  It is freaking me out big time.    Can someone please lend me a flamethrower… I’ll be your best friend forever I promise…

Right hope today’s post of Monday waffles wasn’t too boring for you. 

I’m off there is a curly wurly in the fridge with my name all over it.

Catch you soon 

Tracey xXx

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