Mental Health Campaign Update

The weekend and Mothers day is upon us. To make it even better the weather is gorgeous. Stunning blue skies and an abundance of flowers.

As you know the bracelets went on sale yesterday on my blog and I am pleased to say that 3 have now been sold – woo hoo!  You don’t know how happy that makes me thank you so much to the people that have bought them.  It is a great start to what I hope is going to be a magnificent campaign.  For anyone who hasn’t seen them if you click on the shop tab at the top of the page it will take you to them.

A Darker Shade Of Blue Campaign bracelet

I’m quite surprised by how positive I am feeling now after the major hacking and loss of 3 years work; but I feel a bit like a snake who has just shed its skin and is starting anew and I quite like that feeling.  I’m optimistic, excited and feeling positive about the future; especially since I had my first proper client today too which was fantastic.  

I’ve definitely found my niche with complementary therapies I wish I’d done them sooner but to be honest I think now is the right time because I’m emotionally ready and have a lot of life experience and knowledge to work from.  Comibined with the Reiki is wonderful; I love it.

And the dreaded oppressive grey skies have gone thank god!  I hate winter and grey skies I really struggle with SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and think this year I might buy one of those lights and see if it works.

Harrogate looks stunning at the moment; there are daffodils and flowers everywhere perfect for the upcoming Mothers Day.  

Have a fabulous weekend everyone and don’t forget to give your Mum the biggest hug ever.  As we get older we seem to stop being physical with our parents which is so sad.  As a mother I miss hugs off my children so much.  Take it from me give them a really good hug and I promise they will love it and while you are at it give them an extra one from me.

Time for another cuppa for me.

Tracey xXx


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