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About Me

Born in Leicester I moved to Harrogate in 1997. Soon after I started studying at Leeds Metropolitan University and I graduated with a first class honours degree in 2002 and have been creating like a mad thing ever since. The best way to describe being an artist or a designer is like having an itch that you can’t quite scratch; you think you’ve got it then it starts somewhere else.

Moon Child

I am a free spirit by nature; as a young girl, I was fascinated by crystals and shells and even now can spend hours on a beach looking for things. I never really quite fitted in with my peers as I got older in that I was always a bit bohemian and still am. The great thing about being creative is you tend to see beauty and inspiration in things that most people take for granted and that is something I tune into on a regular basis.

Reiki Practitioner

I am also a Reiki practitioner and currently based in Harrogate.   I also make and sell aromatherapy reiki candles and wax tarts made with natural ingredients and contain reiki infused crystals.


I have always made jewellery for myself but have now started putting a collection together to sell as people are always asking where I got my jewellery from. I like to use real genuine gemstones, created by Mother Earth and if possible with 925 Stirling silver, however, I do use silver plated so that there is something for everyone. I also get given or buy second hand sometimes vintage jewellery which I then deconstruct and turn into something new.

A Darker Shade of Blue Campaign

As well as doing this I run an online support group which I set up 3 years ago, and I am currently putting together a poetry anthology to raise awareness for mental health and suicide.

All the items that I make are available to buy in my Etsy shop.  I will share some photos of items with you now to give you some idea of what is available.

Some Of The Items In My Shop

Wrap Pearl and Labradorite bracelet

It’s the little things that keep the big things together”

Freshwater Pearl and Labradorite

Aromatherapy Wax Tarts/Melts

Chakra Candles

Swarovski Crystal Karma Bracelets – What goes around comes around

Tigers Eye and Pyrite Unisex bracelets

Boho Bag Charms

Cuff Bracelets

Wood and crystal Buddha bracelets/necklaces

Link to my Etsy Shop Karma Times is here.