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reverse your type 2 diabetes fast as seen on itv's the fast fix: diabetes

31lbs loss in 3 months

Quite a statement isn’t it?  But one that is the honest truth and I am an example of that and I can say hand on heart I am now a completely different person to the one that was sat here on my sofa in January 2018.  I am now going to help you and show you how to reverse type 2 diabetes fast as seen on ITV’s The Fast Fix Diabetes and also to tackle yourself as the whole package.   It is no good just tackling one aspect and expect everything else to change automatically.  You need to make other changes to become the best version of yourself.

How To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Fast as seen on ITV’s The Fast Fix Diabetes

I’m writing this now – 35lbs lighter and off various medications including the main one used in diabetes control – Metformin.   The results staggered me so much I had to share this with you and show you how to reverse type 2 diabetes fast as seen on ITV’s The Fast Fix Diabetes using a very low-calorie diet.  In our case using Exante Diet Meal Replacements.  I still use these products.

the fast fix

Exante Meal Replacement Meals

Family History

When I found out I was pre-diabetic it didn’t mean a great deal to me.  My mother, father and grandparents had type 2 diabetes so it wasn’t a word I’d not heard before.  As far as I was concerned you get diagnosed with diabetes and get given a tablet to control it.  

Obviously, you should also cut down on certain food groups and that was it.  But did I? for a while maybe but started slipping back into bad habits – comfort eating does that to you.  

Alarm Bells

I carried on for a few more months basically eating what I wanted and suddenly developed an outrageous thirst.  It was nothing like I had experienced before and I was also waking up at night to visit the bathroom.  Alarm bells started ringing because I knew that increased thirst was a symptom of diabetes along with going toilet during the night.  

On top of that, I was getting one urine infection after another, the corners of my mouth kept cracking which was extremely painful and various thrush infections, blurred sight and tingling in my fingers.

Lack of Knowledge

I would like to say at this point in time that increased thirst was about all I knew about diabetes.  Sadly, I had heard awful stories about people losing limbs and their sight but ignorantly thought that was related to type I diabetes.  How stupid was I?  

I soon got a shock to the system when my HBA1C results came back 87.9 which is way too high – dangerously high and then all of a sudden I was a full-on diabetic.  

I was extremely shocked when I learnt how high my results were and as soon as I got home I did what everyone does – google the life out of it.  The look on my doctors face said it all, it was something serious; a lot more serious than I realised.

Blood Sugar Testing

I found the whole subject completely confusing and all the advice etc was quite contradictory.  However, I knew I had to educate myself so I thought I’d get myself a blood glucose test kit and religiously started testing my blood sugar.  

Now, this was working for me because I was testing my blood sugar before and after meals and I was amazed at the readings I was getting.  I actually lost a stone by myself by following weight watchers and monitoring my own blood sugar and was very pleased with myself.  

However, I went to visit the GP (not my usual one) about something else.  He then took it upon himself to quite literally tell me off for testing my own blood sugar and I shouldn’t have to do it because I am Type 2, and carried on giving me a lecture.  

I walked out of the surgery with tears in my eyes because he made me feel so completely stupid and like a naughty child.  The problem also was that it made me also think that type 2 diabetes can’t be that serious then.    Thanks, Doc!

Tits Up

I left the GP surgery feeling confused, angry, stupid, a whole manner of things.  So what did I do?  Yep you guessed it I stopped testing my blood sugar which resulted in me stopping my diet, and my diabetes getting out of control again and my weight going up to the heaviest it has ever been even when I was pregnant.  

I was 15st 5lb at my heaviest which is enormous considering I am only 5’3″.   So yeah if I was lying on a beach I can guarantee that Greenpeace would certainly have tried to throw me back into the sea that’s how bad it was.

All Time Low

So at the Fast Fix Clinic, on 8 January 2018, I weighed in at an astonishing 15st 5lbs, that is 97.5 kgs and as I have just said considering my height is only 5’3″ (I mean come on I’m a bit of a Hobbit but without the hairy large feet!) that is quite scary.  That means I was classed as very obese with a BMI of 38!  

This means that if I lost 6st 8lb I would be in the middle of the healthy weight range.  The middle, not the start: I had a serious problem and I didn’t know what to do.   This was also confirmed when we had a weight displacement session and I found out that 51% of me was fat! More than half of me was just fat.  I was disgusted with myself.  

Fibromyalgia and Diabetes

On top of diabetes, I had my newly diagnosed fibromyalgia to contend with.  Anyone with this condition will know how hard it makes your life; you just exist there is no living involved so you tend to end up eating rubbish, very little or no exercise.  It’s just one vicious circle of pain, food, no exercise, pain and just keeps going on and on.  

This I’ll go into more in my book.  I was living on painkillers not being able to move, walk the dog, play with my grandson it was a living hell.  I was quickly turning into Jabba the Hut and couldn’t do anything about it.  A far cry from the bubbly, mischievous full of fun Can Can and Burlesque Performer from several years ago.  I didn’t recognise myself anymore and sadly  I was a complete and utter mess!

What happened next?

What happened next was a bloody miracle as I managed to get accepted on a medial trial that was going to be filmed for ITV about putting type 2 diabetes into remission.  I lived in a house with 4 complete strangers and together we did this; we took on the unknown put our trust in our Professors and the TV Crew and production team and the results were astonishing.. Seriously astonishing.  

I will go through the whole process a lot more in my book but all you need to know is that we went on a very strict controlled diet of 800 calories a day.   Straightaway I knew it was going to be something drastic but didn’t realise how drastic.  

I was in a house with 4 people I didn’t know, surrounded by cameras etc, tv presenters, doctors, being prodded and poked, and on top of that having my life completely controlled and being on a very strict diet for 4 weeks.  After the 4 weeks, we all went home and carried on with the strict diet on our own and with follow-ups with all the people involved.  We did this for 8 weeks.  However, 2 of us including myself were advised to do another 8-12 weeks.  

At week 8 my liver fat had shot down to 6.6% from 22.7%, I had more energy, my hba1C although was  48.95 just in the diabetic scale with another 8 weeks I would be in the pre-diabetic scale; which will then lead to being officially in remission and yes I am now in remission.  Free from a life of misery, confusion, lack of interest, depression, constant pain, and horrible side effects from all the medication etc.

How To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Fast as seen on ITV’s The Fast Fix Diabetes

Now, I know this isn’t an overnight thing but on the scale of things, 8 weeks out of your life is nothing especially when you get the results that you do and the positive impacts it has on your life.  The science behind all this will be in my book.  

For people who don’t want to purchase the book all you need to do is click on “Exante” which you will find on this page at the top to the right and also below.   When you get to the website you can use a special voucher code exclusive to my blog readers which is “TRACEY35″.  This will save you a massive 35% off all the meal replacement meals, shakes and bars.

You need to consume 4 of the meal replacement shakes a day for between 8-20 weeks maximum.  You are allowed to drink water and please 2 litres minimum I should say.  Tea and coffee are allowed preferably without milk although I did put a splash of skimmed in mine.  I have gone from white tea and coffee with 2 sugars to no sugar or milk at all.  Believe me, you get used to it.  I won’t lie I still crave biscuits when I have a coffee but I haven’t given into temptation.  There is a lot more information about how I coped with this in the book.

You are not allowed to have all the meals from the site; mainly the meal replacement shakes, and some of the meals like shepherds pie, bolognese, turkey dinner, carbonara and the soups.  It is a low carb diet the science of which will be in the book in a lot more detail.  I really want to share with you how to reverse type 2 diabetes fast and feel so much better and healthier.


Always talk to your doctor and let them know what you are planning to do and just do gentle exercise as you are consuming a lot fewer calories to fuel your body.  But definitely “do” exercise even if it is just for five minutes every hour, just a gentle walk can make a seriously huge difference.  I’m living proof of this.  Under no circumstances try this diet if you are type one or on insulin.

This is just a summary but it includes all the information that you need to get started and get your Type 2 Diabetes into remission.  This information I have given to you for free.  However, I do now have a book which goes into a lot more detail.  

At this point, I would just like to say there is no need for you to go to some fancy retreat in the middle of nowhere and pay £10k for the privilege either.   I have seen these advertised  – I kid you not.  You can do it at home; with or without my book and succeed!  Seriously guys – save your money for a bloody good holiday for when you have your beach body ready – that is what I am going to do!

It’s Not Rocket Science

Reverse Your Type 2 Diabetes


Be A Better Version Of Yourself

 The Book To Go With The Above

It is about my experience and time in the house with lots of behind the scenes photographs.  I talk about type 2 diabetes and its complications.  I talk about fibromyalgia and other chronic health conditions and issues openly I had going into the house and I talk about how they changed on coming out.  

Alongside this, I write about ketosis and a ketogenic, low carb diet and very low-calorie diets together with diet instructions as above.  Subsequently, I share with you all my measurements and test results from start to finish including MRI scans so you know what to expect.

I talk about moving forward after the low-calorie diet and the types of foods you need to be looking at incorporating and eliminating from your diet.  There is also a low carb recipe section, further reading recommendations, a page to give to your doctor about the diet as a lot of them are still not fully aware of the research that has gone into this study.  

Also, there are some words from the team including Dr Zoe Williams (TV General Practitioner), Professor Roy Taylor the man behind the science and years of study, Professor Jason Gill and other amazing people I met along the way.   

During the whole process, I learned quite quickly there was more to it than just going on a very low-calorie diet.  This is a complete lifestyle change and a serious one and along the way, you will change as a person.  

You will re-educate yourself about food, about your body, about your emotional wellbeing and many other things.  These things all fit together like a puzzle and you cannot improve one without improving the others and this is also why my book has been written to help you with the rest of it; the whole package so to speak.  It is not just about reversing your type 2 diabetes but becoming a better version of yourself and “It’s Not Rocket Science”.  Why do I know this?  Because I have done it! and so can you!

the fast fix

It’s Not Rocket Science. Reverse your type 2 diabetes and be a better version of yourself

Before I sign off I wanted to let you know another astonishing fact.  Treating type 2 diabetes costs the NHS £10 billion a year.  Try and get your head around that one!  A tremendous amount of money that could be spent a lot more wisely.  £10 billion pounds.  Jaw dropping isn’t it?  

Help the NHS as well as yourself and get your diabetes into remission.  Believe me, it will be one of the best things that you ever do for yourself, your family and the rest of the UK.  Spread the word and let us turn this all around.  We have the power to do this.  You have the power to do this.  For other diet plans by exante  (Total Solution, Man Plan, 5:2) please click below for further information and  use my exclusive money off code TRACEY40 for a massive 40% discount.  

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Click on Exante to take you straight to the meal replacement shakes I’ve been using and highly recommend

I continued to maintain my weight but at the beginning of June, I decided to do another 4-week cycle to lose weight before my birthday at the end of June.  I have blogged about this so you can find the start of that journey on this link.  Hopefully, it will inspire you to either start or carry on.  

the fast fix

Exante Meal Replacement Meals

To purchase the paperback and kindle version of the book via Amazon please click here.

To buy it as a PDF please look for a downloadable copy in my blog shop.

In the meantime…

Yes, it is a cliche but if I can do it you certainly can.  

Take back control of your food and stop the food taking control of you.

Tracey xXx