Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone

Here we are a brand new year, 2023 Happy New Year everyone and what do you have in store for us?  Do I want to know; not so sure if I’m honest.   The past couple of years has been a hell of a rollercoaster ride.  More dips than highs but I’m working on that.

The end of 2022 has been horrendous; my eldest lost his grandad last week under awful circumstances and my younger two children lost their grandmother on Christmas Day.  On top of all that Christmas Eve night, I was throwing up constantly due to a bloody sickness bug.  Needless to say, this Christmas wasn’t what we all had in mind.  But the only way is up and that’s where I am heading.

New Year Resolutions

So who is making one?  I’d like to know how many are going to be losing weight this year.  I think it’s been mine every year for the past 3 decades; with the exception of this one.  This is because I have managed to lose over 3 stone and 30 inches this past 12 months.

Health Decline

My physical health took a nose dive and so did my mental health following a mini breakdown.  My blood sugars shot up, my liver wasn’t behaving, and my GERD was getting out of control; the list is endless.  The metformin wasn’t working as it should so as a last resort before insulin I got put on weekly Ozempic injections.  I will be writing more about this as a separate blog post along with the GERD; as I am waiting for an operation now.

Time To Write Again

I had stopped writing; BIG mistake!  I’d forgotten how cathartic it was and still is.  If no one reads it then actually it really doesn’t matter because it makes me happy.  And that is the thing; my New Year’s Resolution is to do more things that Make Me Happy!  I’ve spent most of my life trying to make other people happy and have given no thought to myself.

Firstly, how can you make someone else happy if you aren’t?  I need to change; I have changed and hopefully, this will become apparent as this year progresses.  I’m also going to be editing and updating my bucket list as I go, as I know I can take some now off having done them Woo-hoo!

Therefore my next post is the Bucket List.  I am also making time for creativity in whatever form it may be.  Some people say learn to do one thing and do it well; well that’s not me I have to do as many things as humanly possible.  I love to learn, I like creating, and using the end product or making someone smile with the end product.  I have vowed every day to do something creative it can be anything from a little pencil drawing to sewing a dress.

Business Moving Forward

I have to give this some thought.  Unfortunately two weeks after starting Karma Times CIC we had our first lockdown; it couldn’t have been at a worse time.  It’s changed things for so many people.

I now need to make the decision to close it down and go back to self-employment; which will probably be the most likely.  However, that doesn’t mean I am stopping my mental health awareness campaigns.  That will carry on but I might also be working on homelessness and domestic violence too and their effect on mental health.

Other Things…

I have got a few more books in me also this year.  More crafts and projects; it’s going to be a positive year “I can feel it in my water” as they say.   There is going to be a lot of spirituality thrown in for good measure; so much going on in the world and behind the scenes.

So please join me for the ride and hold on it might be a fast one either way it will be very memorable I can assure you of that.

Love and Light

Tracey xXx

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