Funny Auto Correct Text Messages

Auto Correct Text Messages

Today is my funny auto correct text messages day.  I was going to do a completely different post today (I might still do it later) but I wanted to post this because it is still making me laugh.  In fact, I think I might start collecting these and turn them into a book.

I sent this message to a dear friend this week and thought that I would share it with you all.



funny text messages
My text message



auto correct text message
part 2 auto correct









Then I remembered the time I got a message from what I think was a very ex boyfriend testing the waters so to speak to see if I would respond.  He was making out he was wanting to get jiggy with it with a lady called Pam!    

Below is a photograph of what he sent me and the image/reply I sent back to him.  Lets just say… I never heard from him again.   It might be hard to tell from the photo but I sent him back a photo of a very big hairy man.

wrong message
Who the fuck is Pamela?

I just thought I’d share a couple more of what I find while browsing the interweb today; Im doing this one to my daughter next time she tells me there is a spider in her room:

funny text message
auto correct mistakes

A classic auto correct mistake:

auto correct funny text message
auto correct text message

I hope they made you smile..  If you have any of your own to share please leave in comments.

Everyone have a fantastic weekend and will be back on Monday.

Tracey xXx

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