New Year’s Resolution Diet

It’s That Time Again

Here we go again; that time of year where we tell ourselves this time I’ll stick to it.    If you don’t know what I’m talking about it’s the dreaded New Year’s resolution diet!  We all do it…. we have all been there and yes I’m saying it again too.  You will find my exclusive Exante discount code at the bottom of this blog post.

My Reason For This New Year’s Resolution Diet

It’s not really for blood sugar for me but it always helps that but it’s about some other health problems I have which I will be writing about in more detail soon.  I’m currently undergoing lots of tests because of Barret’s Oesophagus which is a pre-cancerous condition.

My Reason For Losing Weight

At the moment I have Level D oesophagitis, a hiatus hernia, gastritis and Barret’s Oesophagus and am on high strength PPI’s.  Weight loss and diet will help to some degree so to lose some weight at the same time will be great.  For this, I am going to be using Exante products again as I trust in them 100% and I know they are great products and they work.   I will also be using them for at least 12 weeks so if you want to accompany me on this journey please do.

Because of this, I am getting all my products together so I can start on 1st January with no excuses.   This time I have new products to try and also to review for you guys.  So let us look at some of Exante’s new products that will be included in my diet.

New Year’s Resolution Diet

From 1st January 2022, my diet will consist of 4 Exante meal replacements a day; broken down as below:

Exante Meal Replacement Bars – These I will be having for breakfast.  TIP – What I tend to do is cut them in half and have one half with a cup of black tea for breakfast and the other half mid-morning.  My favourites are the lemon yoghurt, strawberry jam, chocolate and orange, and the toffee nut.

Exante Meal Replacement Shakes – These I have at lunchtime/midday. I tend to stick to Cherries and Berries, Almond, or Vanilla.  Sometimes I will also have a shake for my evening meal too. TIP – When making the shakes please make sure you use very cold water from the fridge they taste so much better for it.  Also, don’t make them up in advance they have to be drunk as soon as you have made them taste the best.

Exante Meal Replacement Meals – This is my hot meal of the day and I tend to go for the spaghetti bolognese pots and the shepherd’s pie, apple crumble.  TIP – With the bolognese, I add dried oregano and a splash of tabasco.  Add any herbs you like.  With the shepherd’s pie, I add a dash of Worcestershire sauce and pepper.

I have talked about the above products already as you know.  However, this time I will be adding the following to my diet too.

Exante Burst – This is a fruity and refreshing low-calorie multivitamin energy drink with added collagen, caffeine and green tea extract. Available in three flavours: Strawberry Lime, Tropical and Mixed Berry.

Exante Slender Sip – This is a Cherry drink containing glucomannan which contributes to weight loss.  Once consumed, glucomannan aids weight loss by absorbing water and gently expanding in your stomach.

The  7-day pack provides you with 21 sachets, each containing real cherry juice and 1g of glucomannan.  Glucomannan is recognised and approved by the EU Commission to contribute to weight loss.  It is a water-soluble dietary fibre that expands in your stomach.  It is advised to take SlenderSip before a meal on a calorie-restricted diet, 3 times a day.

Exante Juiced -Juiced is a new product for Exante.  It comes in a tub that contains 10 servings.  It is the worlds first juicy meal replacement shake collection.  The flavour I am using is dark cherry which is made with real cherry juices this fruity shake is made with the revolutionary clear whey protein to create the ultimate juicy refresher!  Packed with 27 vitamins and minerals.  It is perfect for when you are craving that fruity fix.  Shake with 500 ml of cold water for the perfect juicy drink at only 202 calories.  Juiced also comes in Peach and Mango, Grapefruit, and Apple and Pear.

Exante Snack Shots -These are the perfect low-calorie taste sensation for busy lifestyles! Pick between Sweet Chilli & Honey, Dark Chocolate & Cranberry and Buffalo Chickpea & Pumpkin Mix. Each box is split into 12 individual packets making them the most convenient solution to healthy eating on the go.

I will go through all of the newer Exante products and flavours in the coming weeks; which there are a lot of.

Getting Ready

You have 12 days left to get yourself organised.  What I will be doing is going through my cupboards and taking out anything I will be tempted by and will give away to family.

Get your measuring tape out and the day before you start take all of your measurements including your weight.  This is so important as you have some weeks where you just lose inches and not pounds.  It also acts as a pick me up when you feel like giving it all in (which you will) just take a look at how far you have come.

exante diet meal replacement meals
Feel full longer

Not only do you need to take measurements you also need to take a photo, from the front, from the side and from the back.  I know this is going to be a really hard thing to do but I promise you that you will thank me for it in 12 weeks time.  At the end of 12 weeks if you would like to share your before and after photos with me for the blog please do.

Why not buy yourself a really nice large glass to have your shakes from, or your burst etc.  Make it a bit more special; it does help.  As does having sparkling water in a nice glass with a slice of lemon, spring of mint and ice etc.

Get yourself some things to take up your time at your worst times.  For me, it is at night time so I tend to paint, knit something, or draw.  I have done embroidery in the past, made bags, used adult colouring books.  Find something you will enjoy that will keep your fingers busy.  I will have other tips to share with you soon.

10 Ways To Grow Your Own Happiness
Do Something You Love

Most importantly buy your products as soon as possible because I can guarantee if you leave it another week all the best products will be gone as people will panic buy ready for New Year.  I have mine already now.  Create a space for you to keep them organised.   You can also use my money off code TRACEY35 which will let you have a 35% discount.

I have a lot going on right now and also a lot more to come so will be writing a lot more moving forward.  As usual, if you have any questions or if there is something you would like me to write about in the coming months please just message me and I will get back to you.  Hopefully, I will be posting Monday’s and Friday’s.

Tracey xXx




I’ve Just Found A Lump

A Personal Post I Would Like To Share

First of all, don’t panic Captain Mannering.  Some of you will be wondering who the hell Captain Mannering is; showing my age now.  Anyway back to the post; I’ve just found a lump.  I’ve known for a couple of weeks now that I’ve got a lump.  To start with I thought I was imagining it.  You prod it and poke it from all directions.  I even got my old college anatomy and physiology workbook out to look at the location and decided it looked the approximate area where an ovary would be.

I’ve Just Found A Lump

Before I go any further; the lump I have found is in my lower abdomen; below the belly button and to the left.  I’ve known there was a hard area there for a while but thought nothing of it; there is also a pucker in the skin in that area that appeared about a year ago.

However, one night recently while in bed I turned over and consequently had a sharp pain in my tummy.  I immediately put my hand there and the pain subsided quite quickly.  Because this happened I started prodding and poking the area as you do; to try and work out what it was.  Dr Tracey – who was I kidding?  But what I did find out was that it wasn’t a flat hard area but it was an actual lump.

Who Do You Tell?

It left me feeling a bit scared I won’t lie and straight away I checked my armpits for swollen lymph nodes etc.  Thankfully I didn’t find any.  The following morning I filled in an online consultation form for my local GP.  I’d had some blood tests the previous week and I saw him yesterday so he could feel it and also get the blood results.

At this point, I hadn’t told my children as I didn’t want them to worry unnecessarily.  He had a good prod and feel and said he wasn’t sure what it was so he is sending me for an urgent scan; which I think will be sometime over the following 2 weeks.  I was a little relieved in some ways the fact that I wasn’t imagining it and also that he wanted to have it investigated.  At the moment I’m not too worried as it could be absolutely anything.  I told my children last night; I wasn’t going to but I thought it best in the end and I felt relieved doing it.

Why Am I Telling You This?

I could have kept this to myself but this morning I was thinking about the past couple of weeks; how stressed I’ve been, worried, how long it felt waiting to see the doctor, checking on Dr Google about all your symptoms, not being able to talk about it with your loved ones.  And just looking online to find someone who had a similar experience.

I was laying on my bed and it came to me; I had a lightbulb moment (they do happen sometimes) and I just wondered how many other people are like me right now; in this very same position.  I imagine it’s a lot so I thought the best thing that I could possibly do is to write about it so that it will help others going through the exact same thing.  I also know by sharing and talking about this it will definitely help others.  And as a result, I also think sharing this kind of thing with people can be cathartic for me as it helps to process your thoughts and on a deeper level.

Moving Forward…

I have to have a specific blood test next Tuesday which is a CA125 blood test. CA125 is produced by some ovarian cancer cells.  A high level suggests the presence of ovarian cancer but not always as sometimes it is higher than usual with people with endometriosis, fibroids, and pregnancy.  But it’s a good place to start.  Now I am definitely not pregnant, I do not have endometriosis but haven’t got a high level of knowledge about fibroids but don’t think I have those from what Dr Google said.

So as I said I will share this journey with you good and bad and hopefully it will help someone; even if it helps just one person it will be worth it.   If you are in the same place as me right now please remember that it could be absolutely anything.

If anyone would like to write to me or leave a comment or share with someone it might help please do.

Love & Light

Tracey xXx

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