How to Lose Weight with Low Carb Products

Losing weight with low-carb products

I am so excited by these products which I’ve just started using and couldn’t wait to tell you all about them and this company.  As you already know I still use Exante shakes and bars and always will but these products can live side by side with them and what’s more, they taste naughtily calorific.  It is important for my health to stick to low-carb as much as possible.  My body does not react well to high carb products on a regular basis; my blood sugar goes through the roof.

How to Lose Weight with Low Carb Products

So on my weightloss journey, I have tried a lot of low-carb products.  I kept seeing the name lo-dough and thought I would check them out.  So today’s post is about some of the products they make.  So far I have tried 2 of them and I have to say I am seriously impressed.

These are bloody delicious

I’m very fussy when it comes to alternatives to the real thing so the fact that after tasting the first 2 products have made me want to skip around like a 6-year-old child about to have some birthday cake.  These bars are the texture of cake and proper cake!

I will go into more details about the products in future posts and show them and show you what you can create with some of them too.

Who is Lo-Dough

Lo-Dough is a small start-up based in Rochdale and they started producing and selling their original Lo-Dough bases, in 2017. The idea was to allow customers to eat indulgent foods like pizzas, kebabs, pastries and other such savoury treats without the massive amount of carbs and calories found in the dough elements of those meals.

Since then they have released their delicious, adaptable, and easy to use Lo-Dough Brownie Mix and their flavoursome Southern Style Coating for meats, veggies and more!.

All their products are designed to suit your dieting and lifestyle needs, whilst still allowing you to enjoy the foods you love without compromising on taste.

The Perfect Bread Substitute

Lo-Dough is a game-changing, innovative food product that is primarily used as a pizza base and a bread and pastry alternative. It can be used to make so many different dishes, including:

  • Pizza
  • Quiche
  • Cakes
  • Wraps
  • Pies
  • Pasties
  • Brownies
  • Cheesecake

and much more…

But alongside this, they have various spice mixes, low carb brownie mixes, cake bars (bloody delicious) with a new one on the way, low carb crumb mix, and also cookery books, etc.

Lo-Dough can be blitzed to make breadcrumbs

Blitzing your Lo-Dough to crumbs opens up a world of new culinary opportunities.  Everything from low-calorie chocolate brownies to savoury fritters, a crumb coating to the biscuit crumb for a cheesecake

I can honestly say I can not wait to start trying some of the recipes too they look mouth-wateringly good and I’m not exaggerating.  I’m ordering loads more today.

I am so really happy to be able to offer my followers an exclusive discount of 10% by using the code TW10.  All you need to do is to click on the link here which will take you to their website so you can see their fantastic products.

Welcome to the world of indulgent, healthy eating.




Last 15 Photos On My Phone

Yes it’s that time again I haven’t done this in ages.  A little sneaky peek behind the scenes.  Don’t hold your breath though it’s not very exciting but here we go:

Photo 1 – Homemade Ketogenic Cherry & Almond Breakfast Biscuits

Home-Made Keto Cherry Almond Breakfast Biscuits

Love these little beauties.  Made out of ground almonds instead of flour.  I will be putting the recipe on my keto website soon.  As you know I’m on a diet (aren’t we all) not only to lose weight but to help my fibromyalgia symptoms.  I miss biscuits with coffee but I can make these beauties and then I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything.  

Photo 2 – Keto Packed Lunch For College

College Packed Keto Lunch

Now I know carrots are a bit carby but they aren’t too bad as long as they are in moderation.  So I had a few shavings of carrots for a bit of extra crunch mixed with baby spinach, chinese leaf lettuce, rocket, watercress, kale, tomatoes, spring onion, cress and cucumber with leftover chicken from the night before.  As you can see I also had fresh coconut and a homemade salad dressing of Avocado Oil, Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, MCT oil, Balsamic Vinegar with a little bit of  freshly ground Pink Himalayan salt and black pepper – Have to say it was delicious.  There was still some chicken left over so had the same thing again today.

Photo 3 – Back of Sewing Pattern

Sewing pattern

I’ve been inspired to get my sewing machine out again after watching The Sewing Bee (one of my favourite programmes and so glad it’s back on air). So I’ve been looking at patterns and this I took so I could see how much material I needed.  I’ll update you with the progress of this item I can’t wait to get started on it.

Photo 4 – Exante Diet Meal Replacement Shake Smoothie

Exante Diet Meal Replacement Shake

Now I made this for my daughter.  She is always at the gym and she likes to have a smoothie afterwards.  So I made her this out of Exante chocolate meal replacement shake, 1 tbsp of collagen powder, egg white protein powder, a banana and 1 tbsp of peanut butter powder and she loves it!  You can find the Exante chocolate shake here.  Also for my new readers you can get 35% off Exante diet meal replacement meals by using my exclusive code TRACEY35 which is fantastic.

Photo 5 – My Son’s Baby Tortoise

My Son’s Baby Tortoise’s

I can’t remember the names of these little guys but I find them fascinating.  This photo was taken on Mothers Day at his home when they were out having a bit of a run around well as much as a tortoise can do.

Photo 6 – Shepherds Pie with Cauliflower Mash

Shepherds Pie In The Making with Cauliflower Mash

Yep food again you know me only too well.  I know there are carrots in there but again they are ok in moderation on a keto diet.  We are potato free in my house now and they have been replaced by mashed cauliflower which is fantastic even my daughter loves it.

Photo 7 – Prepping For College 

Prepping For A Massage

I’m not sure why I took this and I don’t even remember doing it but this is where I study complementary therapies and a fantastic place it is too.  I think that may be Amanda’s backside you can see on the left.  Shall have to let her know that her butt is on the web.

Photo 8 – My Eldest When He Was Studying Drama

My Eldest

Found this recently and was so happy because I thought I’d lost it.  This is my eldest when he was studying drama.  This is one of the photos I took with me on The Fast Fix Documentary and had in my room.  So proud of him and also of all my children.  So lovely to see them growing and making their own way in life.  Sometimes I wish I could do it all again, I miss holding them in my arms and holding them close.  I’d do it now but I don’t think they would appreciate it.  So all of you out there with little ones cuddle them as much as you can while you can.

Photo 9 – Importance of Play Time

Important Message

I found this the other day and wanted to share it.  I have been saying for as long as I can remember how important it is to play.  To let go –  To have fun – to celebrate your inner child.  Life is too short and play keeps you alive.  For instance for me it is being creative whether that is writing poetry, painting, drawing, sewing a dress, playing with the dog, it can be so many things but whatever it is that makes your heart sing do it and then do it some more!

Photo 10 – Something That Made Me Smile

Made Me Smile

I think this will appeal to my hippy type friends.  You can’t beat a bit of sage.

Photo 11 – Face of Fibromyalgia

Face of Fibromyalgia

One of the worst conditions and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.  It’s about time they made cannabis oil legal.  People are suffering unnecessarily in this country and I find it appalling.  Children having over 100 seizures a day being denied something that will give them their life back but instead we fill them with hundreds of drugs just to fill the fat cat pharmaceuticals pockets.  

Photo 12 – Harvey Houdini My Trusty Canine Sidekick

Harvey Houdini

He’s still going strong bless him.  Found his place next to me in bed.  Not sure what would happen if I ever did manage to find a bloke they would have to fight over it.

Photo 13 – I’m Crap At Technology

Crap At Technology

This was me trying to ask Siri something but instead managed to take a screen shot.  I can’t believe after all this time I still haven’t got the hang of it – no smart remarks 🙂 

Photo 15 – My Dream (please come true)

I Need This In My Garden

I desperately want to get my garden sorted so I can have one of these in it.  I’d be out there all the time.  I’d also use it for massaging clients too.  So if anyone wants to help me sort out the garden (a lot needs doing) you can get free massages afterwards.

There you go I hope they weren’t too boring for you.  

Tracey x


Jamie Oliver’s Meatballs

Jamie Oliver’s Meatballs

A fantastic recipe from Jamie and a great Saturday night meal. You can also create your own version of this and I give you several optional ingredients in the video.

You can also turn this into a keto meal by replacing the bread roll with a keto bread recipe or serving it with buttered courgetti. Also if you are not following a keto diet you could also eat these meatballs with some spaghetti and that would be great too.

I hope you enjoy the video if you do please like, share, and subscribe.

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