Another Disastrous Date

another disastrous date

Another Disastrous Date

Because my last post about a disastrous date was so popular I thought I’d write about another disastrous date.

Mr Small

Now then Mr Small as you can guess was small he was called that for two reasons, but I’m only going to talk about one of them.  I’m 5’3 and I guess he was only one inch taller which isn’t a problem; I’ve dated small men before.  

First Date

I met this guy at a cafe on the way to York.  Initially, I thought for his age he wasn’t bad looking;  I think he was about 10 years older than me and we seemed to get on ok, in fact well enough to meet for a second time and actually a third time.  

Second Date

Now the second date was a meal at his house made by him.  I was quite impressed that he wanted to cook me a meal.  I think we had chips and ribs or something very similar to that.  So, dinner was served and I took my place at the table, picked up my knife and fork and started to eat.  No problem at all with the food but when I looked up Mr Small was eating like a pig, he did not use his cutlery but he was using his hands.  Bearing in mind this is the second date so you should really be making a bit more of an effort.  But this guy was really chowing down, his head was about 3 inches above the plate and he was just shovelling it in.  

Third date

I mean this should have put me off, but because he seemed really nice I thought I’d give him another chance.  So, the third date came.  We went for a drink at a pub.   He picked me up and we had a few drinks.  The evening was pleasant enough and the night came to an end and he kindly dropped me off at home.  

However, before I got out the car he leant in for a kiss, it was going really well until for some bizarre reason, mid snog, he put one of his fingers into my ear and started wiggling it really fast.   I kid you not!  

Yep another disastrous date

What the fuck is that all about?  I mean really!  Has anyone else ever experienced this ear wiggling thing?  Is it some kind of secret fetish I don’t know about?   All I can say is it didn’t do anything for me… 

another disastrous date
Give us a kiss but leave my ear alone


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