I started this blog back in 2017 and was pretty much a lifestyle blog.  During 2018 I took part in a successful ITV documentary called The Fast Fix: Diabetes.  My story was seen in The Daily Mail, The Sun Newspaper, Harrogate Advertiser, and is still on The Daily Mail website, and also you will find my story on the Exante website.

Alongside the Exante diet, I am also involved in art, jewellery, making, and writing self-help books, and have retrained as a complementary therapist.

Also during this time, I have been campaigning to raise awareness for mental health.  I have published an anthology; a collection of poems written by people suffering from mental health issues and also by the loved ones of people suffering from mental health issues.  This is called “A Darker Shade of Blue” and can be found on Amazon as a Kindle or paperback.  Click here for the link.


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