5 things that make me feel wonderful

5 things that make me feel wonderful

  1. Getting a new haircut.  This has to be at the top of my list of 5 things that make me feel wonderful.  It is the one day where I come home feeling like I’ve had a spa day, a counselling session and been fed and watered too.   I walk in feeling like a caterpillar and walk out feeling like a butterfly.

Having your hair washed coloured and cut is quite an intimate act and there has to be trust there, trust that you are not going to walk out looking like Ken Dodd.  Hair definitely to women is such a major thing.  If it doesn’t look right you do not feel right that’s it end of.  

I still have nightmares about my mother cutting my fringe when I was at primary school – scarred me for life she did (my sister’s friends used to refer to her as “The Terminator” lol that’s a story for another time) – I don’t know what she was thinking.  Kitchen scissors and a wonky fringe that she kept trying to get straight so it was getting shorter and shorter arrrrggghh. Jesus Wept….

Now I go to Joseph Ferraro which is located in Harrogate and sorry Mum but they are a damn site better than you.   Their second salon was also opened this year but I’ve yet to visit that one.  I go to the main salon on Leeds Road.  I have used quite a few hairdressers over the years and I have to say hand on heart this is my favourite out of all of them.   Quite often hairdressing salons can come across a bit intimidating sometimes and they have a bit of a strange atmosphere.  Not so at Joseph Ferraro.  The are extremely friendly but very professional at the same time and that’s not a mixture that happens often enough in my experience.   There is music playing in the background and at the right level to not be annoying but loud enough to relax you.

hairdresser of the year the wonderful joseph Ferraro
Photo courtesy of Joseph Ferraro


I have my hair coloured and cut by Hamish one of Josephs apprentices.  He is just fantastic, you can tell that he enjoys what he does so he is definitely in the right job.  Joseph obviously sees over all the apprentices and checks what they are doing throughout the whole process but again not in an intrusive way.  To be honest I am quite fascinated listening and watching the teaching side of it.  The relationship between Joseph and his staff is great to see.  It is so obvious that Joseph is very passionate about hairdressing and everything that it involves and gets a sense of pleasure and achievement helping these guys learn as much as they can.

hairdresser of the year
Hamish Henderson Apprentice Hairdresser at Joseph Ferraro
hairdresser of the year
Salon Owner Joseph Ferraro








The relationships between all of the stylists seems to be really friendly and genuine too and with their clients also and the atmosphere is spot on. I can’t think of anything negative to say.  The staff always ask you if you would like a drink and have a good selection to choose from and never look fed up when you say yes.  In fact, I had three while I was there yesterday complete with flapjack – so glad my diabetic nurse doesn’t follow my blog.  

Award Winner – Hairdresser of the Year Award 2016

hairdresser of the year award joseph Ferraro
Hairdresser of the Year Award 2016

The chairs are comfortable and there are also two sofas if needed.  The building is a bit like a tardis in that it is a lot bigger than it looks on the outside but everything has been thought out really well and space is used fantastically.  The products used are extremely good quality and the head massage is to die for.  I float home – literally.  So if you are thinking of changing your hairdresser anytime soon you can’t go far wrong with Joseph Ferraro

hairdresser of the year joseph ferraro
Hair by Hamish Henderson at Joseph Ferraro

2. Liz Earle Products.  I swear by Liz Earle products. Definitely on my list of 5 things that make me feel wonderful or make my skin feel wonderful. I love their Cleanse & Polish™ Hot Cloth Cleanser      The website states that it creates a foundation of fabulous skin and the perfect preparation for the next step in your beauty routine and I completely agree.   The cotton washcloth they provide is essential.   I massage this cleanser into my skin in circular motions over my face and neck then finish with my eyes.  Then I run the hot tap soak the cloth then wipe off. It is a great consistency and feels good on the skin.  The cloth is very very slightly rough and it gently exfoliates as you wipe. I then tend to splash cold water on my skin followed by the toning lotion to remove any last bit of cleanser I may have missed.  Because I have diabetes I tend to get dry skin so I use the concentrate oil at night time.  My skin the following morning is so unbelievably soft.  I was worried at the beginning because I thought it would leave a greasy residue but it doesn’t and it smells fantastic too.   I do also like the Eyebright™ Soothing Eye Lotion with witch hazel, aloe vera and cornflower to cool and soothe the delicate eye area.

The only thing I don’t like is the pump that the cleanse and polish comes in as I know there must be cleanser in the bottom of the container that I can’t get out.  The cleanser does also come in a tube which I find a better option as you can then cut through and use all of it.

After doing this routine I like to put my trusty pjs on and then use Liz Earle’s Botanical Essence Eau de Parfum No1.  This complex scent uses some of the most precious botanicals from around the world. Italian bergamot, high-altitude lavender from France, Damask rose from Turkey and spicy patchouli from Indonesia are just a few of the ingredients in this sparkling, vibrant fine fragrance and is my chill out night time perfume.  I just love the refreshing floral smell at night time.  During the day I tend to go for the more oriental fragrances but the No 1 at night time for me is a necessity.  The good thing now also is that I can get some of the Liz Earle products in the Boots stores which you never used to be able to do.    

However, the Liz Earle website is also very good.  You can also get the products via QVC UK which is fantastic as sometimes they do offers where you can pay in three instalments; which is great if you need to stock up.    

3. Elemis Frangipani Monoi Body Oil for hair, nails and body.   This has to be on my list of 5 things that make me feel wonderful.  The fragrance is just gorgeous and leaves your skin so silky smooth.  Although you can use this for hair and nails I have only ever used it as a body oil.  

This product solidifies at cooler temperatures so you need to place the bottle in a bowl of warm water to return it to a silky liquid. After bathing, apply the oil to damp skin, massaging over the entire body. Concentrate on hands and feet for an intensive moisturising manicure or pedicure. For a weekly treat, massage a small amount into hair. Cover with a warm towel and relax for 15 minutes, shampoo and rinse.

For a weekly treat, you can massage a small amount into hair. Cover with a warm towel and relax for 15 minutes, shampoo and rinse.   This also can be bought off QVC UK.  

4. Iconic LondonPigment Foundation stick I have quite fair skin and can struggle to find a foundation with good coverage and in my colour.  I have quite dark circles under my eyes which are also a problem.  The fact that it covers these is why they are now on my list of 5 things that make me feel wonderful.

Iconic London came to my attention via Instagram and thought the coverage looked really good on the photos and tutorials that I could see, but it is always so difficult to choose a foundation without testing it first especially when you are paying£24.99 for it.  I took a long time looking at the colour swatches and reading the descriptions that came with them and decided to go for 0.1 natural with cool undertones.  

A mixture of excitement and nervousness waiting for the delivery (I know I don’t get out much) but wow was I impressed.  The colour was just perfect and the consistency was amazing.  Complete coverage and I was able to use it as a concealer too.   I love that it is a stick as it makes the application so much easier and less wastage.  Just draw over your face then blend.  My choice of foundation blender was previously the Beauty Blender sponge but after using the Iconic London brushes I will not be using my sponge again.  They are so very soft I couldn’t stop touching mine – easy tiger.  

best foundation for fair skin
Iconic London Pigment Foundation Stick
best foundations for fair skin
Iconic London Foundation Pigment Stick Colour Swatch

The brushes have 400,000 velvet-like synthetic fibres in each vegan-friendly and cruelty-free brush, you’re guaranteed a flawless finish every time and with that, I concur.

The PRO EVO Buffer Brush is perfect for applying foundation, primer and moisturiser. This hero product is a new cult classic, versatile and oh so effective! Trust me – I’m an artist!

I also have one of the sets:

best make up brushes
Evo Contour and Conceal Brush Kit

This is such a cool set and you can use it for so many things and the shapes and sizes are just perfect.  They come in the following sizes:

003 – Perfect to sculpt out your cheekbones 
004 – Perfect to highlight, contour and conceal 
005 – Perfect for eyeliner, brows and lip perfecting 
006 – The best concealer brush you will ever use, also great to contour and highlight nose and smaller areas. Ideal for eyeshadow and defining

The revolutionary EVO brushes’ design adapts to the contours of the face to provide flexibility for fluid movement. When using the brushes, place your forefinger on the back of the head to allow for precise application and support.  You really do not need to apply a lot of pressure keeping the touch as light as you can for better blending.

Honestly, I think I have become obsessed with this company and  I have to tell you about one other product that drives me wild is the Limited Edition Illuminator.  I am seriously going to stock up if this is Limited Edition and I suggest you do too.  I also have the Anastasia Beverley Hills Glow Kit but much prefer Iconics Illuminator.  It comes in three shades Shine, Original and Glow.  I have it in original and wowzer it goes on like a dream and looks stonkingly amazing.  You just need to put little dots where you want to “glow” then smooth over skin – a little goes a long way.  After using this you won’t want to use anything else.  I need to order one in Shine now too I think before they disappear. 

It comes in a cute little bottle with a dropper so is a metallic liquid.  You can also add this to your primer, your foundation and moisturiser if you wish.  The ORIGINAL Illuminator – is a champagne toned shimmer which adds a beautiful golden shine.  

best highlighter for fair skin
Limited Edition Illuminator in Original

5. Bettys Tea Rooms and Macaroons – Last but not least the last thing on my list of 5 things that make me feel wonderful is Bettys.  How can it not be?  I’m your typical Cancerian woman cake, cake and cake.  Yes, I’m a girl and I did get excited about beauty products in this post but only makeup and products and services that I think are superb.  As  I have gone a bit overboard now with beauty products I have to say the other thing that makes me feel wonderful is a nosh up at Bettys Tea Room and partaking of a few of Bettys Macaroons and maybe some passionfruit cheesecake.   If I could afford it I’d buy them every day and have an afternoon tea there at least twice a week. 

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